How Tony Perez of Sucuri Sets Up His Own Security

there have been a lot of posts about various wordPress security issues over the last couple of weeks, some of them giving good security advice and a lot of others giving not so hot advice. Here’s a post by Tony Perez (who is probably the greatest master of WordPress security) where he talks about what he does when setting up his own wordPress sites. I’m not affiliated with Tony at all, but I’ve heard him talk a couple of times, and he’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to security. Tony links to a lot of other good posts, so be sure to read those as well.


  1. Lenard says

    The most important rules of proper/effective security are: 1. Use good pass phrases that aren’t easily crackable via dictionary-style attacks, and 2. Stay proactive regarding patching holes and flaws. Don’t just sit back and assume no one will find the vulnerabilities.

    • says

      Yes, and those are mentioned in this article, but there’s also some other stuff that needs to be taken into account as well. But if the passwords and the keeping software up-to-date are taken care of, that will solve a lot of problems.