OK. This is a great screed. What is missing is at least ONE specific example.
Yes, I am a technocrat. And, yes, I know that while technology and science are AMORAL (not IMMORAL), it requires the users of technology and science to manage the morality of their actions.
The development of gunpowder made it possible to move mountains and clear paths. It also made it possible for humans to kill other humans (and other living things). The ability to render speech from text or text from speech means we can be more productive, that those who can’t read (whether by impairment or illiteracy) can still obtain knowledge. But, it also means that robots can displace humans. The ability to manipulate DNA means we can eradicate harmful mutations in humans- or create a super-human race.

The choice of which- and how- we use things is a critical choice. One we- technocrats, anti-technocrats, and those in-between- must employ in our daily lives.