Dries Buytaert asks “Can we save the open web?” and makes an amazing case for why we should. I agree with and endorse basically everything in that post.

Source: Saving the Open Web | Matt Mullenweg

The post Matt links to is an excellent one, and the only thing I would add to it is that saving the open web is everybody’s responsibility. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve allowed the web to become broken in various ways, and we all have a share in its brokenness. Saving the web, making it open again, and fixing the brokenness are all interrelated in my opinion, and I think we need to take some time, slow down a bit, and start fixing this. This will include very sexy things, (like emerging technologies), and very unsexy things, (like web developers learning to HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript properly). All four of those technologies are very important, and, if handled and interacted with properly, can do some amazing things. But all of us need to crawl on the floor with all of these before we can run with them, and that includes crawling on the floor with HTML before we get to play with the cool things like JavaScript. Do HTML badly and your PHP and especially JS will also be done badly.


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