The sentence in your article that stung a bit when I read it this morning included the phrase “with no code required”. One of the tools that I use frequently is set up to facilitate that type of activity. In the year of using the tool it to make my clients’ websites more flexible–I have learned by asking MANY support questions, listening in on the developer’s podcast, and breaking things along the way.

As a WordPress Implementer (, I know I have a way to go if I am planning to grow my skills and someday be able to be considered a developer.

Recently, I read an article by Brianna Morgan about imposter syndrome (…right after taking a local Girl Develop It Intro to Javascript class ( The class was conducted by an awesome teacher but I know it will take many hours of practice to be able to use Javascript in the real world.

If you will be attending WordCamp US 2015, I hope we get a chance to connect in person.