Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your comment. To clarify the sentence you’re referring to, I’m not saying you can’t build websites with page builders. You can, and there’s definitely a market for that kind of service. It’s just that using a page builder will never get you the same results that you would get if a custom or customized solution were built. What I’m objecting to is not page builders perse, although I personaly don’t care for them because in nine cases out of ten, there’s no way to completely control the markup that’s generated, among other things. I’m objecting specifically to the segment of the WordPress services market that employs things like page builders, and some knowledge of what’s in the plugin repo, or some plugins they have an affiliate relationship with, and then bill themselves as WordPress developers. It doesn’t sound like you’re that kind of person. Also,major cudos on working to up your game.

Unfortunately, I will not be at WordCamp US, so we won’t be able to meet this time around. But maybe next year, or at some other WordCamp.