I will respond to Matt’s call to learn blocks deeply when Mat learns accessibility deeply. Accessibility is not a nice-to-have, or an afterthought, or a feature, and I will not promote a thing I know full well not everyone can use, no matter how great the UX is for some. #WCUS



  • WP Plugins A-Z
  • Steve
  • CoolfieldsConsulting
  • Jeannine van der Linden
  • Claire Brotherton
  • Bellycan
  • Stephen Edgar
  • BlueSkyPhoenixDesign
  • Jenni Kent ???
  • Raghavendra Satish P
  • Catherine
  • Anthony Hortin ???
  • tracy apps @ #wcus
  • Deborah Edwards-Onoro
  • Joe O’Connor


  • Ton Zijlstra
  • justinromack

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