Listened Job Insights: Meet Business Relations Specialist Pam Gowan – 45 Years of Enhancing Job Opportunities and Educating Businesses of the Possibilities and Abilities of the Blind and Visually Impaired by @BlindAbilities from Blind Abilities

Business Relations Specialist, Pam Gowan, has worked at State Services for over 45 years and with retirement just around the corner. Lisa larges, Outreach Coordinater at SSB, sat down with Pam to talk about Pam’s history at SSB and walk through the process a customer/client would experience or expect when a counselor enlist the services of an employment specialist such as Pam Gowan.

I’m sharing this for two reasons, even though the audience for this site isn’t typically blind people on the hunt for employment.

First, to help a fellow blind creator out, and second, because said blind creator isn’t making excuses and does the work to transcribe their podcasts while giving the content away for free.

If Blind Abilities can manage this, then the blind people insisting on using Facebook Live despite its lack of support for captions or transcription can manage this too.

Blind Abilities isn’t staffed by developers and they don’t have anyone who can advise them on the best way to go with their WordPress site on staff either. We’re not talking about someone who spends all day playing with servers and software.

And yet, they managed to not spend their time making excuses for why they can’t, or why they don’t want to, instead spending their time doing the right thing with regard to accessibility.

So thanks, Blind Abilities, for doing the right thing, and I’ll happily promote your work because of it.


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