Migrating an existing site to Gutenberg, day 4, first note: John and I spent a considerable amount of time fighting with, and swearing at, the Bitnami install script for WordPress.

John’s is working right now but I’m about to go through my fourth reinstall of actual Xampp because when you attempt an uninstall of the WordPress module it doesn’t clean up after itself so you have to nuke the whole thing and start over.

Once I figure this out, (I have an idea what the problem is and it has a lot to do with unlabled fields with placeholders that you can’t easily edit), I’ll start writing down all the dumb stuff you have to do with the keyboard and your screen reader to make this work.

And it’s a lot of dumb stuff.

And we’ll also walk through removing the several plugins that get installed with this thing so you can get back to an actual out of the box WordPress installation.

I absolutely despise install scripts that install a bunch of third-party plugins without asking me first. Extra points taken away if they’re plugins I’ll never use or actively go out of my way to remove wherever I find them.

We’re still going to do the manual install as well but now I’m livid at this script and its stupidity and I keep telling myself we’ll eventually get to actual block development.


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