Read #AccessiBe to Release New Search Engine Designed for Internet Accessibility by Joshua Hawkins

“For too many people, using popular search engines is a frustrating and fruitless experience,” Shir Ekerling, CEO of accessiBe, said in the press release.
“With the understanding of the web accessibility gap, the decision to put our resources into accessFind was an easy one. With accessFind, internet users
with disabilities finally have a search engine that provides them with results of readily accessible websites, working to bridge the existing digital divide.”

$100 says this attempt at a new ghetto for people with disabilities is merely an aggregator for sites loading their script.

Another $100 says that, if they actually approached any people with disabilities to inquire about any problems we might have with using search engines, the Chief Vision Officer is the only person with a disability they asked.

I suppose it’s easy to say you’ll make the web accessible by 2025 when you can just build yourself a safe space and then pretend it’s the web. But AccessiBe’s self-constructed safe space isn’t the web any more than Facebook is.

I’ll stick with the open web, thanks.



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