I’ve been asked again and again over the years what the absolute basics of web accessibility are. And while I always thought that it is not so difficult to find resources about these basics, the recurrence of that question prompted me to finally write my own take on this topic.

Source: The web accessibility basics – Marco’s Accessibility Blog

This guide to accessibility basics is a very handy reference for anyone who’s interested in getting started with accessibility. Reading WCAG can seem daunting, (I don’t know of a single accessibility professional who truly enjoys the experience), and if you’re only reading WCAG and its associated documents, accessibility will appear to be harder than it actually is.

The takeaway from this guide is: Use native HTML elements where possible. Where it’s not possible, use Aria to compliment your custom elements and make sure to provide the semantic information that’s no longer implicitly provided, which is basically everything: Role, state, and property.

There are talks on WordPress.TV about all of this, but this guide along with several of the other posts at Marco’s blog can serve as a handy textual reference.


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