In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of days, the WordPress Accessibility Team announced that WordPress is going WCAG. That means that all new or updated code for WordPress core, as well as bundled themes, must be WCAG 2.0 level AA compliant.

Maybe you’re already familiar with the basics of accessibility. If you are, excellent! But if you’re looking to level up, you may be wondering where to start doing that.

The W3C can help with that

the World Wide Web Consortium, (W3C) has some very helpful resources on accessibility, including tips for getting started on accessibility. There are resources for designers, content writers, and developers.

Although this resource is billed as a getting started guide, I can almost guarantee there will be something for everyone here, from beginner to advanced. There are a lot of little details to cover when it comes to making the web accessible, and it’s easy to miss things when you’re trying to juggle accessibility among all the other project requirements you need to fulfill. Especially if accessibility isn’t your day job.

So give the above resource a look, and follow all the links. You’ll be leveling up in no time.


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