As of today, WordPress has achieved twenty-five percent marketshare. That means one out of every four websites is now powered by WordPress, and that’s not including the sites hosted at

This makes me personally and professionally proud. I’ve been a very outspoken supporter of WordPress ever since I accidentally encountered it back in 2005, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. It has provided me with benefits too numerous to count in both the personal and professional spheres, and I enjoy contributing to it as part of its accessibility team.

I like to think that, as WordPress’s marketshare grows, the potential for an accessible web grows. We’re not there yet in terms of WordPress accessibility. There’s still quite a bit of work to do on the project itself, and there’s still much more work to do when it comes to convincing the community of WordPress service providers that accessibility isn’t just an optional feature.

We’re getting closer though, and with each release, it becomes easier and easier to both build accessible websites with WordPress and to use WordPress with assistive technology. With WordPress venturing into the application framework space, it’s also becoming a less-daunting undertaking to build accessible applications, especially as alternatives to the popular applications which aren’t yet accessible and will likely not become so in the near future without a lot of effort.

So congratulations WordPress, (both the project and its surrounding community), for conquering the first twenty-five percent of the web. Fifty percent is now that much closer.


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