Listened Are we going to regret this?!!? by The Brad & Matt Limited Edition Totally Unoriginal Random Show Beta 1 by an author from Anchor

We blab on about why we’re doing this new show, comparing our 2018/2019 goals, WTF Gutenberg, and more.

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I’m only part of the way through this and I’m already feeling bad because I haven’t sat down and artiulated a bunch of goals for the new year. The only one I have so far is importing my entire Facebook archive into my personal site. I totally feel Brad on the blogging thing though because it’s enjoyable but I think spending all the time on social media kind of drains that. There’s a solution for this though: Indieweb, and blog posts don’t have to be five thousand words long. They can be a single photo or a bookmark or, like this one, a record of listening to a podcast episode. There are already lots of resources for adding various post kinds functionality to WordPress sites, including bookmarklets and apps for your phone. Definitely makes blogging easier.


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