Code For The People is a six-person WordPress development agency based in the UK, known for their great service and the enterprise tools they’ve created. Automattic has acquired them and will be winding down the consulting part of their business as they join the VIP team to continue building the best tools and services for enterprises using WordPress.

Code for the People brings some unique qualities to the Automattic table, like developing WordPress solutions for government agencies and doing a lot of work on the multilingual front. They’re responsible for the development of Babbel.

Code For The People is coming to Automattic with a strong enterprise track record: it has already helped to build out sites for companies like IPC Media, which runs some 30 publications on WordPress; the Rolling Stones, and government agencies. The co-founders have a long history themselves of working not just in WordPress but also enterprises. Before starting Code For The People they cut their teeth at a range of businesses, including government organizations, to help them build sites. That expertise, and familiarity with the community of people working in those kinds of businesses today, will come in handy as this becomes an increasing focus for Automattic as it looks to grow its revenues.


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