Advice for maintainers of popular open source projects
This talk from this year’s WordCamp Europe is something that’s worth looking at even if you’re not the maintainer of a popular open source project. A lot of what’s here is also good advice for contributors, especially long-time ones, and I think the whole thing is valuable reading especially for free software/open source projects within the accessibility space in general and the adaptive technology space in particular. Compared to the spread of open source in general, the adoption of open source within the accessibility space is still in its infancy, and it has some domain-specific hurtles that have to be overcome. I’m thinking of all the patents and trademarks related to this industry here. I personally believe that accessibility-related materials and tools should be free software or Creative-Commons licensed by default, but I can also understand at least in some cases why the risk is deemed to be too high by some creators. And because I’m reasonably certain that explaining why I don’t believe it’s OK in other cases would ignite a ton of controversy, and I don’t have time to deal with a lot of that this week, I’ll refrain from doing so. If you’re really interested, you can ask me privately.


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