The U.S. Department of Justice has yet to issue regulations on how e-commerce operators and governments can meet their website accessibility obligations under the Americans With Disabilities Act. In the meantime, many of the country’s top retailers are being hit with lawsuits for allegedly failing to make their websites accessible to the legally blind.

Source: Fighting for Accessible Websites Under the ADA: Daniel Goldstein, Brown Goldstein Levy, Baltimore

While I have yet to hear of any WordPress-specific agencies or shops whose clients have been shaken down by the National Federation of the Blind, this trend is on the upswing. So if you’re not building accessible websites for your clients yet, please start. Don’t ask them if accessibility is a requirement. If you start at the beginning, it’s not going to be a large expense. Please don’t make your clients wait until they get a demand letter or a lawsuit over their website. By that point, the costs of remediation go up exponentially, and you end up with an unhappy client. So don’t put your clients at risk by leaving accessibility until the end, or out of the equation altogether.


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