Lists are a Twitter feature that lets you group accounts into a curated stream so you can look at only the timelines you’re interested in at the moment. There are several lists related to wordPress, and one of them is the list created by David Bisset that contains all the speakers from WordCamp San Francisco 2014. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on at WCSF if you’re not here, and also a great way to keep up with the speakers once the camp is over. The list is here, and you can also subscribe to it from your Twitter client of choice. There are forty-six people on the list, and they range from developers of every kind, to bloggers. All of these people tweet a lot about WordPress, and Twitter lists can be a great way to get digestable pieces of information that you can use to further your knowledge. So follow this list, and you just might learn something.


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