You’ve written a stellar piece of content. Your visitors are commenting like it’s going out of style. They hit “post comment” and look through the list of comments to find there’s. They get a message saying “your comment is awaiting moderation”, and they have no idea when you’ve approved it that their juicy comment is showing up.

You can fix this

Emailing your visitors to let them know their comment is approved is something you probably don’t have a lot of time to do. It’s one thing if there are only a few of them, but when you start getting a lot of interaction, it’s just not practical. Make WordPress do it for you. Go get the Comment Approved plugin by by Neils van Renselaar.

It’s simple to use. Once you activate the plugin, you’ll find its settings in Settings > Comment Approved. Check the box to enable the “comment approved” message, and whenever you approve a comment, your visitor will get an email letting them know you’ve taken care of that for them.

The plugin comes with a couple of shortcodes, but you can customize the message using HTML. It’s a great way to award first-time commentors with a free ebook or other promotional item.


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