I’ve been patiently waiting all day, and now I’m taking a break from my pile of work to introduce you to WordPress 4.4, Clifford.

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford”

Feature of note: Responsive Image Support

As of WordPress 4.4, responsive image support is now part of core. Here’s how it works.

If you’re using the the Responsive Images Community Group’s feature plugin, you’ll already be familiar with how WordPress 4.4’s new responsive images support works. That’s because this plugin has been merged into core and, (along with several helper functions and filters for developers to use), is the new responsive images feature. So sites like this beauty lovingly crafted by Prime Access Consulting will continue to enjoy the support for responsive images they’ve always had, except with one less plugin. For sites not running this plugin already, all you’ll need to do is install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, because you’ll need to generate the missing medium-large size for all your images. You’ll only need to do this once, and from that point onward, you can uninstall the plugin and rely on WordPress’s automatic handling of your image sizes.

If you’re a user who’s not a developer, or a user who is a developer but doesn’t have the time to dive into all the new responsive images goodness, you can learn how to use WordPress’s new responsive images functionality by reading this post.

And if you are a developer who’s interested in diving into all WordPress has to offer with regard to responsive images, you can learn all about it by reading this post.

Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4

There are, of course, more amazing user-specific and developer-specific features in WordPress 4.4, but this post is getting long and I really have to get back to work. So you can find out more about what WordPress 4.4 has to offer from this post by Brian Krogsgard.

I really do hope you enjoy using WordPress 4.4. I’ve had a ball contributing to it via the WordPress Accessibility Team, and although my name’s not in the credits, (one day soon I will haz the props), I’ll be celebrating with the rest of the WordPress community. Just after I finish all this work. 😛


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