Migrating an existing site to Gutenberg, Day 0: Plans and schemes and gathering resources

Yesterday I posted that I was contemplating migrating this site over to the Gutenberg world. There are a couple of reasons for this, and the most pressing one is that John, (whose greatest hits include experimenting with Gutenberg and Twentytwenty back in November and consequently providing the catalyst for some fixes that went into WordPress 5.3), and I are have decided to professionally pool resources. He’s been working on some smaller projects for me, and he likes kicking the tires on Gutenberg and doesn’t want to give it up for the classic editor.

OK, so we’re doing this. But for this site, it’s going to take some planning. First, there are several custom post types this site relies on, and it also heavily relies on the suite of plugins which enable WordPress sites to participate in the Indieweb movement. I’m definitely not giving that up, so this means that there are going to have to be some contributions to those plugins to make them suitable for Gutenberg use.

I’ve volunteered to be the lab rat for this, since I depend on it and I don’t want to give it up and go back to not-indieweb. I’ve decided to journal the entire process, starting from Day 0 until we get everything finished.

after doing some initial planning, (determining what custom post types are in play, plus post kinds), a separate development environment has been set up, which has Gutenberg installed. John’s using Twentytwenty on a smaller site he’s working on, so I think the development environment will have a Genesis theme for its base install. I’m also chatting back and forth in Indieweb Slack.

I figure if I’m doing this, may as well jump off the deep end. We have a target date of just after Labor Day for launch, and I’m going to do my best to stick to that. And I’m documenting the entire process, challenges and all. It should be interesting.


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