Mindmapping Is A Great Way To Generate Blog Posts Quickly, And Now You Can Mindmap Accessibly

My friend and colleague Bob Dunn wrote a post on generating blog post content by mindmapping a couple years ago, and when I first saw the post, and read through his tips and techniques, I have to admit I became slightly jealous. OK, very jealous. I couldn’t figure out how to adapt the strategy to make creating mindmaps accessible, and so I believed this was something I just couldn’t use and that I’d have to stick to other strategies for creating blog content. To add to the jealousy, Bob is the king of CoSchedule, which means he’s really great at taking his old content, writing new headlines for it, and then sharing it multiple times on social media. This was also not helping my jealousy problem.

This morning as I was browsing through my personal Twitter feed, I came across a post on Blind Bargains in which Tangela Mahaffey reviews a mindmapping app called MindNode 5, available on iOS. Because this is Blind Bargains, accessibility plays a huge role in whether or not something gets reviewed or even posted. If it’s not at least reasonably useable by blind people, Blind Bargains doesn’t cover it.

When I encountered this link in my Twitter feed, I was thrilled. It meant that I would be able to take advantage of a blogging technique that I had reluctantly set aside, and it meant that I could start freely sharing Bob’s post on mindmapping because there’s now an accessible way to do it.

The Blind Bargains post reviews MindNode 5 extensively, going through each step of the process to set up and use the app while using VoiceOver for iOS. If you’re a blogger, or if you want to blog, I strongly encourage you to open Bob’s post in one tab, and Tangela’s post in a second tab. Then, start fitting Bob’s techniques into this app. Mindnode 5 is definitely on my wishlist of apps for iOS, and I can’t wait to get started using it.


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