Christmas time is here again, and with that comes a ton of “ultimate list posts” full of tips for decorating your site for the season.

probably the most popular decoration tip is to let it snow all over your site. As a matter of fact, WPMU Dev just pushed one out the door that contains mostly snow plugins for WordPress that are completely free.

I promise. Even though I’m Jewish, I don’t hate Christmas. But snow on your site, (specifically the moving variety) is bad.

It creates a horrible experience for a lot of people, causing things like seizures and migraines, and dropping screen reader users into screen-refresh-hell.

If you must let it snow on your website, please do it responsibly. An even better option would be to forego the snow altogether and consider something a little less flashy like Christmas-themed still images with alt attributes.

Be as decorative as you want. Just don’t make it snow. By not doing so, you’ll ensure that all your readers and customers can enjoy a festive season.


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