The short answer to this question is no, and there are two reasons.

  1. It violates the WordPress trademark
  2. It confuses users

The Trademark

The WordPress Foundation, the organization tasked with protecting the WordPress trademark, has set very specific guidelines about when and where the WordPress trademark can be used. Using WordPress as part of a top-level domain, (for example, or anything that is not, is strictly prohibited. Strictly prohibited as in “under no circumstances.”

It Confuses Users

Users know, (or learn) that they can go to any site with WordPress as part of the domain name to find information and resources that are part of the official WordPress project. If other business use WordPress as part of their domains, this creates confusion for users because the confuse the business with actual WordPress.

What if I Didn’t Know?

If you’re reading this post, or if someone else has made you aware of what’s here through other means, you know that you have to do something with your WordPress domain. You can redirect it to another non-WordPress domain name, but you can’t promote that domain. You have to promote the new one. Ideally, you should turn the WordPress domain over to the foundation, or at the very least, let it expire.

Offering WordPress-based products and services is a wonderful thing. There’s plenty of work to be had, and if your product or service is a good one that helps others and/or benefits the community, it will get noticed. Just ensure that you do right by the trademark.


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