I saw on Twitter last week that the next WordSesh is being planned. So I want to share some of my favorite talks from previous events. The first one I’m sharing is on design.

This talk by Michelle Schulp is one of my favorites because it looks at design as solving problems strategically and not just making things look pretty. I’ve worked with several sites that look pretty, only to dig deeper and find that the implementation is what I end up fixing because it bleeds over into making features of the site in question break. So it was refreshing to see design treated as problem solving and not just adding what too often turns out to be a superficial varnish.


  • Couldn’t agree more Amanda! All too often, many sites/companies try to make their pages/site as flashy as possible. Yet, the underlying code behind the scenes is atrocious! I know the form over function mindset is popular, but it’s a major reason we are having such a problem with malicious, wide-spread virus and malware attacks. And, said short-comings also lead to site crashes, scripting errors, etc.

    And moreover, I would add that all companies need to take a note or two from this post. Not only are many/most sites poorly coded, but almost all tech products are poorly made. Doesn’t matter these days if you pay hundreds per gadget. Chances are that said expensive gadget was just as poorly thrown together as the cheapest junk.


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