Hang around the WordPress community long enough, and you’ll eventually run into a prospective client who needs something you can’t offer. For instance, in my case, if a prospective client is looking just for design work, or graphic design, I know that’s completely outside of my territory and not something I can legitimately offer and call myself honest. But in cases like that, there’s still something I can do to help that prospective client. I can help that prospective client by giving them a referral to someone who’s better suited to handle those tasks.

By giving that referral, I provide value for the client, strengthen my relationships within the community, and create the likelihood that someone else will refer work to me that either they don’t have the time to handle, or don’t have the requisite skills for. Everybody wins.

Whether you’re an implementer, (someone who knows just the right plugin and theme combination to build what your client needs), a developer, or a designer, the referral technique applies. And regardless of where you fit in the WordPress community, it can be a winning strategy for both you and your clients.


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