I can’t say enough good things about WP Engine. I host all my sites with them, as well as some clients, and they’ve provided excellent customer service and support, even at the worst of times, not to mention doing an excellent job at providing everything they advertise. While I was at WordCamp San Francisco this weekend, they even helped with some support queries I had while they were manning their swag table and hosting a special episode of the Dradcast. They did this without my asking. I was speaking to a rep while walking around networking. The subject of how I like the service came up, and when I mentioned that I needed to file some tickets to get some issues looked into, the rep offered to let the table know I would be coming by later to get some help with support, and the table delivered on that offer promptly when I showed up.

Now, WP Engine is rolling out a new service: a new disaster-recovery option for automatically sending web traffic to an alternative data center in the event of a catastrophe at the data center they primarily use.

What this means is that if their servers go down, your site gets automatically routed to a backup copy with no more than a few minutes downtime so that your readers can still get to your content. It also means that maintenance can be performed when it’s needed, instead of having issues pile up until you get to the scheduled time for maintenance.

If you’re using your site to make money in any way, this is a feature you’ll definitely want to have at your disposal. It can mean the difference between gained versus lost clients. I hope my site never goes down, but this is the internet, and nothing can guarantee that your servers will be up all the time. Disasters also have a funny way of effecting things. Like a hurricane hits where your site’s hosted,knocks out the power, and poof, everything goes down. Or hardware fails in the server your site’s hosted on, and it goes down.So if it’s important to you that your content is reachable to your readers, and you don’t want to, (or can’t) manage your servers yourself, then give WP Engine a try. You have sixty days to get a complete refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason ith their services, or even if you find that their services are not for you.


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