Sometimes, when you’re using WordPress, you’re just trying to get one thing done.

Build that one thing.

And then, you find yourself googling for hours, cobbling tutorials together to achieve your goal.

You don’t have time for all this, but you also don’t have the time for a full-length WordPress course that’s going to teach you everything except how to build what you’re building.

Introducing the Working with WordPress online workshop series

what if there were short courses that focused on a topic, did so in-depth, and didn’t break the bank in the process? Enter this series.

The Working with WordPress workshop series are four-hour mini courses that cover a specific topic with hands-on demonstrations you can use to build a specific type of site. They feature instruction, question and answer time, notes that walk you step-by-step through how what we’re covering happens and how you can put into immediate practice what you’ve learned. They also feature a copy of the recorded workshop once it’s done so you can replay it if you’d like and follow along with the notes.

Something for Everybody

These workshops range from the technical and not-so-technical, so there’s something for everybody. They’ll take place on Friday afternoons from 1PM to 5PM Eastern U.S. time. The first in the series is Podcasting with WordPress, which will teach you what a podcast is, and how to use the PowerPress plugin to add your own podcast to your WordPress website. It will also teach you how to create a separate feed for it, and how to get your podcast listed on various networks such as iTunes.

This workshop will take place this Friday at 1PM Eastern. Other workshops will run on a weekly basis, and all of these will be available for purchase after the workshop has ended in case you want one you missed.

The great thing about these workshops is that they can be flexible. I’ve got a few planned, like Content Marketing with WordPress, Storing Recipes with WordPress, and Building an Accessible Shop with WordPress, but if there’s demand for a particular topic, there’ll be room for that too.

Normally, these workshops will run for $97. But as an introduction, the first three will run for $47. There’s no lower limit, so whether there are two or ten attendees, it doesn’t matter.

Podcasting with WordPress takes place this Friday at 1PM Eastern. Once you register, you’ll be sent instructions on how to attend. We’ll use the TeamTalk voicechat client so both blind and sighted can participate. After registration, you’ll be sent a setup guide and, should you need assistance with setup, I’ll be more than happy to schedule a time to help you get TeamTalk up and running.

I’m looking forward to teaching you how to use WordPress to meet your needs. If you’re interested in running your own podcast from your own site, join us for Podcasting with WordPress.