a life-saver!

I recently took on the task of maintaining a section of our web site. I am a JAWS user, and was having a great deal of trouble navigating the dashboard and the various widgets. I’m pretty good with technology, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I contacted Amanda, and she quickly determined that some of the themes we were using were inaccessible. No wonder it didn’t work! Now we are well on our way to fixing the issue, and I no longer feel like an idiot.

Angela Fowler

Highly impressed

Amanda has demonstrated great competence and ability in WP. I had many useful takeaways from my course with her. She is highly professional and genuinely helpful. Highly impressed.

A Great Value For Confidence

Jeff Thompson

When I took on building the BlindAbilities.com web site I realized I needed information, a resource and someone that knew about accessibility. I found Amanda on Twitter and started to read her blogs talking about code, best practices and some of the most useful content for an amateur web guy like me. No, I am not a developer at all and I know that. Amanda is and that is why she has become my go-to person. She is informative, knowledgeable most importantly, she makes me feel confident and encourages me to learn and dig in. However, when I need help, she is there and it’s a done deal. I highly recommend Amanda’s service. Since I juggle too many hats in my business, I always remain confident my Web Site Hat will remain afloat with Amanda just a text away.

Jeff Thompson

The Obvious Choice

Robin Cornett

I think we’re just now only beginning to realize how important accessibility is, to make our sites usable for anyone and everyone. Amanda was the obvious choice for me when I wanted to hire an expert to check my plugin’s code and make sure it was accessible for all users. She was able to both confirm the good work that I’d done and help me bring the rest of it in line with WordPress and accessibility standards. If accessibility is important to you, and it should be, you also should work with Amanda.

When You Need An Expert, You Need Amanda

Renea Hanks

I have known Amanda almost 2 years. We have worked together on several projects. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, not only in web development, but design and business, in general. Amanda knows what most companies are just now coming to learn about…responsiveness and accessibility. She has always treated us with great care and concern. Even though she has other clients, Amanda has always made us feel like we are the only ones. We love working with Amanda and consider her a part of our team and would not be where we are today without her advice and helpfulness.

Sina Bahram

Sina Bahram

It is always so refreshing to work with Amanda on gigs: fun, compitent, efficient, and professional. What else can you ask for?


Erin Rush

Rush Image Concepts Logo

Amanda helped me with an initial phone conference to ask a few questions and came back with an entire package of what my needs were. she fully designed my website to have my online presence mimic the feel of our actual store front business. I am so pleased with the ease of everything. I provided her with a brief overview and she was able to translate that to the computer world. any time I have had a request or issue it has been promptly resolved. I would give her an A.

Janet Jendron

Janet Jendron

I’ve worked with Amanda Rush for over eight years, evaluating web
sites and IT information for accessibility and usability in
accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Her analysis
is accurate and insightful. Her reports are written so that people
with all levels of technical expertise can understand and benefit.
When needed, she has provided invaluable help in resolving technical
issues for our reports. She is professional and fun! She’s constantly
learning and improving her skills to help others.

Carrie Dils

Headshot of Carrie Dils
Headshot of Carrie Dils


Amanda was the perfect choice to help with my accessibility audit. She has extensive knowledge with assistive technologies and blends that with her developer skills to deliver a thorough review. And, more than just pointing issues out, she’s able to fix them. I happily recommend her as a partner to help make any website more accessible.

Dean Martineau

Headshot of Dean Martineau


I am in the early stages of taking a beginning WordPress course from Amanda.
I have found her to have considerable demonstrated competence, a pleasant
manner for delivering course content and answering questions, good skill for
bringing potentially daunting technical material to a level where students
can grasp it and will be unlikely to be intimidated by it, and considerable
generosity with time and resources to assist students.

a rare developer who understands both business and development

Pranav Lal

Amanda Rush is a rare developer who understands both business and development.
She has exhibited a high degree of professional integrity when handling multiple
web development projects for me. While designing my author website, she went the
extra mile in understanding why I wanted it and then advising me on how to tweak
its content to grow my brand. She is prompt and is calm in a crisis.

Pranav Lal

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