Watched Update on Gutenberg accessibility audit by Joe Dolson from WP Campus

In late 2018, WPCampus released a
request for proposals
to conduct an accessibility audit of the WordPress Gutenberg editor. 
The vendor was selected,
and a fundraising goal of $31,200 was met. On April 29, 2019,
Tenon LLC
provided the final audit report to WPCampus. On May 1, 2019, 
WPCampus publicly shared the report documents.
What happened over the next year? Did any accessibility changes come to WordPress and the editor because of the audit?
Join Joe Dolson, a WordPress Accessibility team lead, as he shares outcomes of the WPCampus Gutenberg accessibility audit and the current state of progress
within WordPress accessibility.

This session was incredibly informative, and I’m glad there was a transcript. It made the session easier to consume and it also makes it easier to refer back to, at least for me.
Hey accessibiliBuddies in case you were wondering there really are developers out there who will tell you with a straight face that you can just sprinkle some ARIA on their totally original non-semantic use of html comments and the stuff inside will be displayed in the browser as they intend.