RSVPed Attending Upgrading to Gutenberg: Moving an enterprise WordPress site to the new block editor

Put simply, the new block editor makes creating content easier. What might not feel so easy, however, is bringing a complex enterprise site over to Gutenberg for the first time. Never fear: that’s where this webinar comes in. In this dev-centered presentation, our friends at Reaktiv will walk you through each step of making the transition using real-life examples from Xbox, Atlassian, and more.

In this webinar, you will:

* Study real-life Gutenberg use cases from Xbox, Atlassian, and others
* See examples of when to use core blocks, 3rd-party block libraries, or custom blocks
* Learn how to plan for dependencies and ensure backwards compatibility
* Get tips on managing the human element (think buy-in, usability, and training)
* Participate in a live Q&A with Reaktiv’s Gutenberg experts

I’m slowly surely moving forward with Gutenberg, and this event seems like a perfect way to continue diving in.

I’m looking forward to it.