Read Block Links, Cards, Clickable Regions, Etc. by Adrian Roselli (Adrian Roselli)

Whether you call them cards, block links, or some other thing, the construct of making an area of content clickable (tappable, Enter-key-able, voice-activatable, etc.) is not new. While hit area size is mostly a usability issue, marketers often want a larger click area around their calls to action (CTAs) to…

Read A Decade of Heading Backwards by steve faulkner

The question why is it OK to have a substantial set of authoritative semantic HTML definitions misdirect developers for so long?
And then there is the question What do we do with


Read Focus On Beaver Builder Accessibility – Is the End Product Accessible? by Claire Brotherton (A Bright Clear Web)

Someone recently asked me about how accessible the Beaver Builder page builder is. Beaver Builder is a very popular page builder for WordPress that lets user

This was written at the end of last year. I’m glad to see the improvements BB has made with regard to accessibility. I’ve given them a lot of criticism in the past and it’s only fair to also highlight when they’ve improved.
Read Accessible unethical technology by LAURA KALBAG (Laura Kalbag)

I’ve written a little section on accessibility for the Ethical Design Handbook. I’m really grateful that Trine Falbe asked me, as well as including a section by Aral talking about Small Technology and our Ethical Design Manifesto from the days.

Bookmarked sevenspark/wp-menu-swapper by Chris Mavricos (GitHub)

A WordPress plugin that will enable you to register custom menu theme locations and easily swap menus on individual WordPress Pages or Posts.