Sometimes the best work you can do on a website is to remove things. In my case, it’s removing several plugins that are ultimately getting in my way.

If you’ve been running your site for a while, and you’re feeling hemmed in, consider taking a really good look at the plugins you have installed and active. If one or more of them are getting in your way, consider whether or not you need the functionality for your site, and, if you decide you don’t, remove the plugin and any related code snippets.

I have somehow managed to nuke my desktop Twitter client for work so that it won’t authorize. Seems like the perfect time to just switch to the official client, and mostly work on smoothing out the writing workflow for this site.
I’ll write more on this later, but for now I’m extremely pleased to report that I’ve trained my first blind client on #Gutenberg, and thanks to the hard work of everyone who’s worked to make it more accessible, they thoroughly enjoyed using it.
Cold emailing me to ask if I’ll link to your totally unrelated site because you’re a blind blogger is bad enough. Starting it all off with "Hello beautiful" when we don’t know each other at all is going to get you an instant nope.
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Whether you call them cards, block links, or some other thing, the construct of making an area of content clickable (tappable, Enter-key-able, voice-activatable, etc.) is not new. While hit area size is mostly a usability issue, marketers often want a larger click area around their calls to action (CTAs) to…