Watched This Is For Everyone by Seren DaviesSeren Davies from Inclusive Design 24 2018
As Timbo said, the web is supposed to be for everyone. So why isn't it, and how can we get the web to more people? Seren Davies and Bruce Lawson, the web's very own Harry and Meghan, will reveal more.
This Is For Everyone is a talk I will definitely be revisiting, along with all the other talks given so far as part of this year’s Inclusive Design 24, because it’s jam-packed with information, including some very useful statistics. It’s a really good overview of accessibility at a high level, and is a great way to kick off a conference whose talks go into quite a bit of detail about how to make the web more accessible, complete with examples. Hint Indieweb folks, given your love of POSH, (plain old semantic HTML for the rest), you’re already on the right track to an accessible web, because semantic HTML is the foundation of everything accessible.