I spoke to my client last night, and #Gutenberg interview is happening. He’s really excited about it and we’ll record next week.
Longer than 280 chars so you’ll need to click, but I’m speaking with my #Gutenberg-using blind client this evening, and I’m going to ask if I can interview him. There’s been a ton of real accessibility progress on it and as someone who’s levelled some of the harshest criticism against it I’d also like to help move things forward by giving credit where it’s due and helping other people migrate now that it’s possible.
I’m writing these shorter posts as well because one of my professional goals for this year is to start writing more tutorials and case studies, and I need to exercise my writing muscles, and the best way for me to do that is, well, just write, even if it’s short content for the time being.
I’m in the process of importing a ton of old bookmarks from Pocket into customerservant.com. The bookmarks section as well as the reads section has proven to be not only a really easy way for me to find things again, but also a great place to store resources others can use and to which I can tie related resources. It turns out that these are the most frequently updated portions of the site, so I need to do more to highlight them.
Sometimes the best work you can do on a website is to remove things. In my case, it’s removing several plugins that are ultimately getting in my way.

If you’ve been running your site for a while, and you’re feeling hemmed in, consider taking a really good look at the plugins you have installed and active. If one or more of them are getting in your way, consider whether or not you need the functionality for your site, and, if you decide you don’t, remove the plugin and any related code snippets.

I have somehow managed to nuke my desktop Twitter client for work so that it won’t authorize. Seems like the perfect time to just switch to the official client, and mostly work on smoothing out the writing workflow for this site.