Mike Lauf

In the first live edition of "Ask Me Anything", going forward, to be referred to as "WPAMA", Michael from Evansville Indiana asks Amanda how to prevent crowding and overlapping of text, proper use of images, and optimizing the areas of a site built with WordPress, i.e., header right, navigation bar, footer area, etc. Amanda answers these questions in addition to explaining the return to minimalism, why sliders suck, and how site design changes almost yearly, just like fashion trends. But perhaps most useful, her suggestions for reaching out to the very helpful WordPress community to ask for help, especially for us blind implementers and designers who need to find those possessing the skills to provide greater attention to detail. This informative eight minute audio segment should provide something for everyone to take away to make your sites become even more cosmetic appealing, but most of all, highly functional and user friendly.

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