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Dear WordPress community,

I find this very hard to write, but I am in a desperate situation and I need your help. I’ll try to keep this as brief yet detailed as possible.

Back in February, I was approached by an influencial member of the accessibility community to build a simple and accessible website that could take donations, which were to go to the Daisy Foundation. This foundation is a charity that does research on Retinal Blastoma, which is a cancer that effects children and often either causes them to go blind, kills them, or both. We agreed on an amount of $3000, and I built the site. On March 10, a day after the invoice was due, I was asked to send another copy, and told that accounting was having a problem with the invoice itself and that once that invoice was sent, payment would be made. I then started getting reasons why the invoice wasn’t paid, but was assured that payment would be made in full. Because I’ve done work for this company before, and was paid, I had no reason to suspect I wouldn’t be paid this time.

The money I was expecting was promised by me to a friend who is losing his home. When I made the promise, I was assured I would be paid, and I made it clear that payment had to be made quickly because a collection agancy was involved and I needed to get the money to my friend as soon as possible. After the first time the payment didn’t come through, I went back and forth with the client trying to find out why, all the while telling my friend to still expect payment from me because I was hearing from the client that payment was still coming despite numerous problems. The last I heard was that the money was being gathered and that it would be wired to me that same day. This was last Thursday. After that last message, the client has disappeared, and no money has been forthcoming.

Not paying my friend is not an option, so I have raised part of the money through the generosity of some members of the accessibility community. But I’m still $2400 short, and I don’t have any more time to play with. The money was supposed to be paid to my friend three weeks ago and the collection agency is expecting a full payment. I have filed suit, but expect this to be a long process that doesn’t include quick payment. The client has yet to surface, and I can’t go back and say I’m not going to be able to pay since I’ve been assuring my friend the money was coming.

I do not like asking for help like this, and if I thought there were any other way to do this, I would. For one thing, even if I didn’t owe the money, I can’t afford to take a $3000 hit. The fact that I owe the money makes this even worse, because I don’t have the wherewithal to pull it from somewhere else to make up the difference. So I am asking, out of extreme necessity, if the WordPress community can lend me a hand with this. I am collecting through PayPal because this is an emergency and I can’t wait 5 to 7 days to withdraw from something like GoFundMe. Any help, however small, will be greatly appreciated and I will be sincerely grateful. I will update this page as well as Twitter with the amount raised should any be raised so that no one ends up contributing over the amount. The updates reflect the total raised including what was raised before this campaign started.

Thank you.


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