One final note for this evening.

I’m trying to get John to agree to participate in screen share recordings via Zoom of this process. I figure if we’re doing this whole migration thing, and it’s his idea, he can participate in the work.

I also told him that this is the fluffy bunny stuff he has to do for marketing.

I think he’s still in get-off-my-lawn mode but I’m sure he’ll come around.

First thing’s first. Let’s find some books.

I have a few on React, but I want to make sure there are some absolute beginner resources. So I load yee old QRead, and

I have to re-enter Bookshare credentials because, (on this computer), books stored in QRead periodically get wiped along with credentials.

This is annoying, but I’m used to is, so I’ll get those re-entered and then search Bookshare for appropriate books.

I’m contemplating the inevitability of migrating to Gutenberg. This is a thing that I know is going to have to happen but dear Lord it makes my head hurt.
john, while building a new site with Gutenberg: “This is an experimental site for me.” Me: “Good. We need more documentation for screen reader users. You can write it.” #WorkLife
Hey am I rangling this correctly and #Gutenberg does not have a link block? Sure, I can type the HTML, but the whole point of Gutenberg is for users to be able to do the web thing without knowing code, and the absence of a link block seems like something that shouldn’t be the case.
Finally! Finally finally finally finally it’s done! We! Are! Going! To! Ship!

Also, I don’t think I ever want to see a list element again. Ever.

Quick tip: If you’re building podcast websites with WordPress, or even a website which has a podcast as a secondary feature, use the Simple Podcasting plugin. If you use PowerPress you’re locked into the Classic Editor plugin with everything that entails, including using older themes.
I’m wondering if it might be worth writing up the experience of using both Gutenberg and the Classic Editor in tandom on a site? Spoiler alert: It’s complicated and it introduces a lot of extra coordination regarding content editing and creation.

Do not recommend unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I spoke to my client last night, and #Gutenberg interview is happening. He’s really excited about it and we’ll record next week.
Longer than 280 chars so you’ll need to click, but I’m speaking with my #Gutenberg-using blind client this evening, and I’m going to ask if I can interview him. There’s been a ton of real accessibility progress on it and as someone who’s levelled some of the harshest criticism against it I’d also like to help move things forward by giving credit where it’s due and helping other people migrate now that it’s possible.